Transform your IT Network with Wireless Communications Standard

Voiped Telecom

September 18, 2019 Enterprise Wireless Network

For growing retail, service, and enterprise operations, one business location is typically not enough. With separate offices spread across the country, or globe, how can your business communicate, and share information easily, instantaneously, and effectively?

In the past several years, rapid advancements in communication technology have included improvements to VPN and IPVPN, allowing for extremely agile wireless communications.

The Legacy of WiFi Standards

Traditionally, the majority of IT consulting companies recommended that you install legacy infrastructure (servers, databases, etc.) and upgrades required a lot of time and money investments. However, over the past several years, new advancements in communication technology including improvements to virtual private networks, remote desktops, and the cloud allow for agile information and file sharing with a much more competitive price tag.

Included in today's digital era is the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) as more devices expand their capabilities through connectivity. Through these wireless networks, the evolution of enterprise-class connectivity is transforming the way businesses connect every day.

With increasing numbers of devices now requiring WiFi connectivity, and the trend for wire-free connectivity soaring, the demand for robust, flexible Wireless connectivity has been met with improved technology and industry standards.

Wireless networks

Using the evolution of the wireless standard, Voiped Telecom directly facilitates Internet and data connections to retail chains and service providers across Europe, providing sustainable connectivity options for businesses and their geographically distributed consumers.

Voiped Telecom provides direct ADSL, Fiber, MPLS, and IP-VPN services across Europe’s major cities and towns, and we manage the entirety of your project from the moment of inventory to execution, and maintenance thereafter.

Our local engineers have expert knowledge and capacity to offer a local service, without the hassle of finding an Internet and data service provider for a one size fits all service. For better coverage, greater flexibility, and performance, connect with us today.