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Wholesale call termination with advanced SIP capabilities

A-Z Wholesale call Termination by Voiped Telecom

Wholesale call termination via SIP trunking allows calls to be routed via a PBX directly to the line of a specific extension, or person, through mobile, landline or VoIP.

Because the SIP trunk translates your DID call to an extension, any call received through DID or virtual means can be converted via your SIP trunk gateway.

Voiped Telecom continually invests in its international voice network to better serve our customers, with increased call termination capacity, resilience, and scalability.

A-Z wholesale termination.

Voiped Telecom provides direct routes for global calling, monitored 24/7/365 for quality and speed of completion on every phone call that takes place. 

We facilitate:

  • Class 4 carrier grade switching with unlimited capacity.
  • Installation on our own private cloud with 99.998% uptime guarantee.
  • Global coverage.
  • Continuous quality monitoring of routes.
  • More than 30 interconnects and thousands of direct routes.
  • CLI (Caller ID) guarantees on almost every route.
  • Advanced trunk / Interconnect capabilities.
VoIP termination with geographic numbers in over 100 countries.
Global Voice Coverage

International call termination for heavy duty and fully scaleable gateways, providing a quick VoIP termination solution with real-time automated ordering in more than 140 countries.

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SIP-Session Initiation Protocol compatibility with virtual numbers.
Multiple Interoperability

Enabling your virtual phone number & SIP Trunk connection is easy. Any call received through DID or virtual means can be converted via your SIP trunk gateway.

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benefits of toll free numbers and virtual phone numbers for business by Voiped Telecom
Virtual Geographic Numbers

Virtual geographic phone numbers provide your business with the benefit of increased reach to international locations, from your office to almost any country globally.

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