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Wholesale terminatie

wholesale termination

  • Class 4 Carriergrade switches with unlimited capacity

  • Installed on our own private cloud with 99.998% uptime guarantee

  • Global coverage ( AZ Coverage )

  • Continuous quality monitoring or routes

  • More than 30 interconnects and  thousands of direct routes

  • CLI (CallerID) guarantees on almost every route

  • Advanced trunk / interconnect capabilities (think or private patch, peering etc)

  • Possibility to give limits

Our carrier-grade Session Border Controllers ( SBCs ) are capable of carrying out high-quality and high-volume conversations about all of our interconnects that we have at our disposal. We also offer insight into the CDRs (Call Detail Records), so that you can view all times at all times.
We also have SIP logging enabled so that, with any doubt, we can check how certain conversations have been run and how conversations are built up or terminated.