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Wholesale Direct Inward Dial

Direct Inward Dialing for Business

Local, National, & International Hosted Numbers in almost any country

In business telecoms, a virtual phone number is a Direct Inward Dial number that allows you to implement international coverage at a local geographic level.

In this way, your organisation establishes a local presence in a targeted region so that your customer has a simple and familiar way to contact you.

DID numbers are actually virtual numbers (or, hosted numbers) that commence with a local area dialing code and functions as a local number that the caller typically sees.

However, when the caller dials the number, the call is routed to you to receive at a specific phone line of your choice whether, VoIP, PBX, landline or mobile.

Because these are virtual numbers, there is a need for a physical line which Voiped Telecom will install at your business premises.

Voiped Telecom provides our European business customers extensive number types in almost any country, from:

  • Geographical numbers
  • Freephone numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Premium numbers

In addition, call termination flexibility with VoIP SIP trunks, or through direct PSTN forwarding.

Interested? Immediate possibilities. Contact us to receive to receive rates, enable virtual numbers, or test a virtual number.