• +31 88 8000 500

Wholesale DID numbers in 140 Countries provided by Voiped Telecom

Wholesale direct Inward Dial to over 140 countries

Voiped Telecom, European Provider or Global Wholesale DID Numbers.

Global Calling to over 130 countries with wholesale DID

DID numbers in over 140 countries

  • VoIPed Telecom is a European provider of wholesale DID numbers for high-quality international routes at competitive rates. 
  • Reliable, economical and best-available traffic guaranteed.
  • 24/7 NOC (Network Operation Center) escalation.
  • User-friendly web account accessible from anywhere in the world 
  • On-the-spot technical support
  • Real-time reporting (rates, billing, volumes) 
  • Flexible payment options 
  • Multi-currency
  • Additional business telephony services by request

Voiped Telecom continually invests in its International Voice Network to serve our customers, with increased call termination capacity, resilience and scalability.

In addition to our extensive wholesale DID services, we're excited to offer you:

  • Real-Time Fraud Detection
  • Immediate access to Toll-Free, 1800, 0800 and geographic DID numbers 
  • Managed SIP trunks & VoIP Termination
  • Extensive Tier 1 global channel partnerships
  • Market leading fully customisable technology
  • Fractional costs
  • Multiple Global Interconnects
  • High quality and high volume SBC conversations
  • Standard SIP logging
  • A consistently robust network

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