What is International Internet Day?

International Internet Day

International Internet Day

October 27, 2022 International Internet Day

Marked annually on October 29th, International Internet Day is acknowledged globally. International Internet Day is observed to celebrate the usage of the Internet for the first time and is also known as one of the most important inventions in human history.

International Internet Day History

October 29, 1969, marks the day of sending the first message electronically. The message was transferred from one computer to another. The Internet was known as ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). It was a significant event in the history of telecommunications technology when a student programmer, Charlie Kline, sent the first electronic message over the Internet.

Importance of the Internet

Information searching

Search engines on the Internet can help businesses and consumers to browse information. Internet Search engines typically reduce the amount of time it takes to find specific information, particularly when searching the Internet using keywords. The data provided by the Internet is fast, efficient, easy to understand, and valuable.


There are many platforms provided on the Internet that can provide a virtual teaching and learning environment. Without the Internet, education would be much less efficient for students to gain knowledge.


Whether using the Internet in Europe or across the globe, the Internet keeps businesses and people updated with fast information. The Internet doesn’t wait for information to print in newspapers or shown on news channels.

Communication and Collaboration

Many software applications have been made for easy, efficient, and fast communication, particularly within business enterprises. Cloud communications are one of the most significant uses of the Internet. The Internet has truly succeeded in the sphere of business communications technology.

Social networking

One of the most popular of the Internet is social media websites. Social media has become a global sensation for both businesses and people. Today, many companies use social media to share product and service information on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.


Live video streaming and gaming are some of the most common forms of entertainment that the Internet facilitates. Whether through Arts and Culture, the Internet help to engage audiences across the globe.

Online shopping

Companies now offer huge accessibility for consumers to order products and services online. From virtual phone numbers to virtual reality solutions, the Internet uses digital transactions which make purchases less time-consuming and easily available

Tour and Travels

The Internet serves as a guide to people who wish to, visit any place which is not familiar to them. From the Netherlands to Spain, Belgium, or Germany, bookings for plane tickets, taxis, and hotels can be easily purchased on the Internet.

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