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What Business Sectors need Dedicated Internet Access?

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January 18, 2022 Dedicated Internet Access

In business today, Network downtime harms organizational productivity and negatively impacts revenue streams. When IT fails, business stops. Business continuity is one of the most crucial elements of a business and statistics suggest that a break in continuity can cost $10,000/hour at minimum. Additional studies reveal that business characteristics, such as industry and risk tolerance, indicate that the cost of network downtime can be as high as $540K p/hour.

For IT managers, when network downtime concerns your company, reliable network uptime isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Dedicated Internet access provides guaranteed performance. Unlike a standard broadband service, your business doesn't have to compete with other subscribers for bandwidth which directly impacts overall network performance for more reliable network uptime.

Is your Business Internet-dependent?

There are several indicators that can determine if dedicated Internet access is the right selection for your company. Dedicated Internet access has several benefits for organizations such as:

  • Businesses with a large number of employees who use the Internet.
  • Enterprise operations such as BPO and VoIP communications Call Centers.
  • Businesses with a high volume of uploading and downloading.
  • Collaborative teams’ in broadcast media.
  • Datacenters.
  • Cloud-hosted applications.

Dedicated Internet access is also crucial for business sectors such as supply chains, multi-channel retailers, healthcare organizations, companies with monitoring equipment, and companies with high capacity Internet requirements to a single location.

If your company's business operation requires Internet for mission-critical applications such as video conferencing, 4k streaming, or cloud computing storage, dedicated Internet access offers businesses across a wide variety of industry sectors a private connection to the Internet with the best quality and security standards guaranteed.

As many service providers transition from locally-hosted servers to cloud-hosted services, Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity becomes, even more, business-critical. Below, Voiped Telecom explores some of the business cases where a dedicated Internet connection is crucial for your business operation.

"When your network or applications unexpectedly fail or crash,

IT downtime can have a direct impact on your bottom line and ongoing business operations".

Dedicated Internet access for Retail stores

For today's Retail store, due to POS (Point-Of-Sale) software, terminals required for accepting card payments, real-time data access for sales, pricing, and inventory, Dedicated Internet access provides reliable, high-bandwidth secure business Internet connection for retail stores, malls, and shopping centers of all sizes, regardless of location.

Voiped Telecom has been delivering Internet solutions to some of Europe's most prominent retail companies which includes stand-alone stores, strip malls, kiosks, and pop-up sites. Our Dedicated Internet solutions don’t require digging holes or the processing of permits, rather, we offer fast installation times and are always on standby to meet store opening deadlines, even at short notice.

Dedicated Internet access for Call Centers

Call Centers are dedicated to providing customer service support for companies across the globe. In an industry that relies almost exclusively on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in order to operate, a slow Internet connection with frequent downtime means that the customer service agents can’t do their jobs. This can lead to longer wait times and unhappy customers. Because call centers are hired by third parties to handle their customer service, a call center that is frequently offline with unreliable Internet will lose contracts very quickly.

Voiped Telecom ensures call centers across Europe have fast, reliable, and efficient dedicated Internet connectivity. With agreed symmetrical data speed always being available, even during network peak periods, our customers experience the next level of standard in customer service that extends beyond traditional NOC service with 24/7 support, guaranteed SLA, and dedicated support engineers.

Dedicated Internet access for Video Surveillance

Modern video surveillance systems can help prevent theft, resolve disputes, ensure consistent productivity, and help customers and staff feel safe.

Always On Dedicated Internet Access ensures your business consistently enjoys the amount of bandwidth you need, a critical requirement for businesses using video surveillance systems.

Voiped Telecoms enterprise-grade Dedicated Internet Access is quick to install and completely symmetrical, ensuring the same upload and download speeds which is a common requirement of modern camera systems. In the event that you need to add more cameras, Voiped Telecom's Dedicated Internet Access is easy to scale and comes with SLA guarantees, 24/7 support, and optional services to deliver you the performance and reliability you need to support your video security needs.

Dedicated Internet access for Distribution and Logistics Centers

Distribution and logistics centers are frequently located in areas that are difficult to reach and underserved by wired connectivity. Ye,t these centers rely on high-performance Internet to keep critical resources and supplies moving according to plan.

Voiped Telecom has been delivering Internet services since 2010, connecting buildings in the most remote areas and providing the level of high-speed, reliable service required to support the most complex operational logistics projects. At Voiped Telecom, we understand the network and communication needs of the distribution and logistics industry and support a rock-solid business continuity plan with built-in network redundancy and affordable route diversity.

Dedicated Internet Access offers a powerful solution for distribution locations that are central to keeping supply chains running efficiently and on time.

Dedicated Internet access for Construction sites

Today's construction companies rely on high bandwidth for the online delivery of data-intense applications such as blueprints, plans, and other cloud-based services, ensuring adequate, reliable bandwidth is essential to productivity and operational efficiency.

With flexible terms for temporary construction sites, Voiped Telecom appreciates the month-to-month nature of the construction industry and the potential risk of overruns. Whether you require dedicated Internet access for construction trailers requiring reliable, high-speed Internet for temporary operations and communications, or corporate construction offices managing daily operations, supply chain needs, or customer communications, Voiped Telecom provides flexible terms, SLA guarantee, pro-active monitoring, and support, and makes the process easy so you can stay focused on your business goals.

Dedicated Internet access in the Healthcare Industry

For most businesses, network downtime, or losing connections to email and offsite applications or backup, is a financial and operational concern. In the healthcare industry, network downtime is much more serious. An unplanned network outage can negatively impact patients’ health and well being resulting in a disaster for individuals, healthcare providers, and service providers alike.

Whether it’s a research institution with sites around the world, or a hospital group with an extensive range of locations spread across one country, without secure, dedicated connections between each department or site, you can’t share critical data.

Founded in 2008 Voiped Telecom is a European provider of Dedicated Internet solutions.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Voiped Telecom is strategically positioned to offer robust ICT solutions to the European business communications market and has a notable presence in Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, and, Ukraine.

From small to medium-sized companies to public operators and multinational enterprises, Voiped Telecom provides organizations with innovative and agile ICT solutions, tailored to your requirements.