What are the business benefits of SD WAN in Cloud infrastructures?

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January 16, 2023 SD Wan

SD WAN in Cloud computing is a foundation for providing enterprises in the Netherlands and Europe with centralized, flexible, on-demand access to computing resources such as servers, databases, software applications, storage capacity, and computing power. Because cloud computing services are delivered via the Internet, enterprises must have robust Internet access to utilize cloud services. Statistics presented by the EU, Digital Economy and Society report that 73 % of enterprises in Europe utilize sophisticated cloud services relating to security software applications, hosting enterprise’s databases, or computing platforms for application development, testing, or deployment. In Sweden (75 %), Finland (75 %), the Netherlands (65 %), and Denmark(65%) 65% of enterprises used cloud computing. With more than 2 out of 3 companies in Europe storing data in the cloud, enterprises require a flexible, resilient, and dynamic Internet networking solution that delivers reliable, fixed levels of bandwidth access availability, and security.

What are the benefits of SD-WAN for cloud infrastructure?

In an era of digitalized business, SD-WAN recognizes cloud applications and dynamically adapts bandwidth accordingly, using features such as application recognition and traffic shaping to prioritize latency-sensitive traffic such as video and voice. Software-defined wide-area networking or SD-WAN is a software-based technology solution that centralizes the monitoring and management of wide-area networks. In addition to boosting user experience and productivity, SD-WAN achieves consistent low latency performance and availability of business-critical and SaaS applications while securing traffic from advanced threats across an entire network. Unlike traditional WAN or MPLS, SD-WAN can interpret the nature of the traffic it is handling and can optimize cloud connectivity in the following areas.

Orchestrate WAN infrastructure across Cloud networks and sites
SD-WAN addresses the challenge of orchestrating WAN connections across a hybrid cloud architecture by virtualizing control and management processes and separating them from the underlying infrastructure. Used widely amongst organizations in Europe with a large geographic footprint, SD-WAN provides centralized networking to branch offices and campuses.

Optimize Network performance
With hybrid cloud infrastructures, maintaining the speed and performance of WAN connections between your enterprise and your public and private cloud providers is crucial. Because SD-WAN provides full visibility into your WAN architecture, this enables your IT team to monitor performance across your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure to ensure consistent speed and availability at every site.

Secure and efficient connections to hybrid cloud services
SD-WAN enables enterprises to apply security policies and controls to their remote, cloud-destined traffic, keeping both their users and hybrid cloud services more secure.

What type of companies that connect to the cloud should consider SD-WAN?

Increasing bandwidth and reducing network delay are crucial for real-time customer services, POS (Point-Of-Sale) software, and real-time data access for sales, pricing, and inventory. Retail companies with multiple locations often require centralized connectivity through a singular network. SD-WAN can be used to improve internal network performance and security, and also improve speed.

Seminars, conferences, and other large-scale events are now finding that connectivity is a must. With many IoT devices now used at events, many business professionals expect to take advantage of WiFi at an event. SD-WAN solutions can be utilized throughout an event to provide employees with the experience that they require.

Healthcare facilities
Healthcare companies are now adjusting to their patient's need for a direct connection to their healthcare records. Further, healthcare providers often connect with third parties and fragmented locations. The healthcare sector can benefit from SD-WAN technology for the improvement of its network security as well as increased connectivity.

Education is moving online and as globalization increases, learners expect to be able to work on their education from anywhere, even if programs are in another country. SD-WAN technology can make it easier for academic institutions to organize and improve their Internet traffic, reducing their overhead and improving their security.

Within the manufacturing sector, organizations are increasingly using smart technology, sensors, and other automated utilities. With the use of SD-WAN technology, manufacturers are able to experience higher levels of connectivity with their equipment, in addition to being able to mitigate potential failures and reduce downtime.

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