Voiped Telecom initiates Utility Umbrella

Utility umbrella

August 31, 2021 SIP Trunking

Voiped Wholesale today announced its selection of Utility Umbrella, a top business VoIP service, and broadband provider for small businesses in London. Renowned as one of the leaders among all broadband services in the UK, Utility Umbrella provides the most advanced phone system on the market.

With the ability for employees to telecommute or work from the office, Utility Umbrella centralizes phone communications by providing unlimited VoIP calls to any geographic location, compatible with SIP-ready devices, mobiles, and desktops.

For many small to midsized businesses (SMB), VoIP, sometimes referred to as a Cloud PBX, or a Softphone is the most comprehensive and primary call management technology in most UCaaS instances.

"Voiped Wholesale's decision to partner with one of the UK's leading voice-over-IP (VoIP) services directly expands our telecommunications and connectivity ecosystem and increases our European footprint on a global scale, in addition to making our network more redundant and flexible," said Ferry Stienstra, CEO, Voiped Telecom.

About Utility Umbrella

Utility Umbrella provides a variety of services to businesses including VoIP, Payments, Broadband, WiFi Loyalty, and EPOS at the lowest rates.

To learn more, please visit Utility Umbrella.