Voiped Wholesale initiate Tesla in the drive towards sustainable energy

sustainable energy

December 2022 Sustainable Energy

European Telecommunications operator Voiped Telecom has announced its push towards a net zero future by driving change internally to reduce carbon emissions within their operations. With a complete move off the central electric grid at its Netherlands site operation, Voiped Telecoms' transition facilitates a green and sustainable energy supply from solar power to optimize energy production and, crucially, feedback surplus energy into the central electric grid. Alongside, Voiped Telecoms' sustainability investment also includes two zero emissions, zero-gas Tesla cars for its field operations and business meetings which are set to contribute to reducing pollutants and improving air quality across Netherlands cities and towns.

Clean vehicles mean fewer emissions

The Netherlands had already expressed its intention to ensure that all (heavy) road transport is zero-emission by 2050. At COP26 in Glasgow last year, the Netherlands launched an agreement to this effect and this was recently affirmed during the COP27 conference ( Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt,16 November 2022) which saw ten new countries sign up to support the Dutch Initiative. Those participating countries are Ukraine, The United States, Aruba, Belgium, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Curacao, Croatia, Liechtenstein, and Lithuania. Heavy road transport plays a vital role in transporting goods and people, and the Netherlands is a major transport hub. However, (heavy) road transport also contributes to a significant amount of pollution. “To deliver sustainable energy and support the transition to low carbon societies in Europe and across the globe, Voiped is committed to transitioning its business operations to clean, renewable energy," said Ferry Stienstra, CEO at Voiped Telecom. “Transitioning into the Green energy space is an important step that we can contribute towards, to achieve this long-term."

Sustainable innovations, Telcos' push for a green future

Driven home by the latest IPCC climate reports, transitioning to a low-carbon future will see changes across all industries and economic sectors. As a catalyst for this change, the telecoms industry is robust in harnessing technological innovations to help in reducing carbon emissions. With the investment of 5G helping to drive environmentally friendly innovation, the 5G rollout signals a reduction in the reliance on 2G and 3G legacy networks, which many network operators in Europe have already started to phase out. Sustainability and digital transformation are more connected than ever before, and the transition to more energy efficient 4G and 5G networks is an important contribution towards a net zero future.

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