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Voiped Telecom expands Direct Inward Dial Inventory in Latin America

Virtual Numbers Latin America

A unique telephony solution for SME's and multinational organizations

Voiped Telecom is now offering business customers direct inward dialing in Latin America. Select your virtual number from our global inventory of international virtual numbers in Latin America.

Offering over 70+ countries as part of our international coverage for direct inward dial (also known as a virtual number), Voiped Telecom provides onboarding activation and customer support. Business customers choosing direct inward dial in Latin America can select from a wide range of mobile, geographic, national, and toll free numbers.

As a added benefit, combine direct inward dial with Voiped Telecom's full directory of premium VoIP solutions and connect incoming calls quickly and cost-effectively when you give customers the ability to directly dial a specific extension on your PBX system.

Direct inward dial coverage in Latin America

Direct Inward Dialing minimizes costs and hold times by allowing incoming calls from the switched network to reach a specific PBX station directly, without an attendant. Give customers a direct path to your team with automatic routing for incoming and outgoing calls.

In Latin America, Voiped Telecom offer direct inward dial in:

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Enhanced local telephony services

Local Calling Line ID (CLID). Short prefix dialing. Emergency services access.
Plus, all the benefits of the Voiped Telecom hosted IP PBX solution.

Local geographic numbers

Geography-specific Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers for major city destinations.
Toll-free numbers are also available, where national coverage is required.

High call quality

Supported via the Voiped Telecom network of tier 1 global interconnection partnerships. International calls are geo-routed via the nearest in-region PoP.

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