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Virtual Phone Numbers North America | How to get a USA Virtual Number

Virtual Numbers North America

Getting Virtual phone numbers in North America is an easy process with Voiped Telecom. For businesses that operate in different geographies, one of the most beneficial advantages of selecting a North American virtual number is the ability to stay connected with your customers through a direct dial extension.

Why do you need a Virtual Phone Number for North America?

If your business isn’t based in North America, (for example, the US) but your business works with customers in North America (or you would like to build a North American customer or partner base), a virtual phone number, also known " direct inward dial", or " dial-in direct ", offers many benefits.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Phone Number in North America?

Offering Virtual phone number coverage in over 10 countries in North America, business customers choosing Voiped Telecom's direct inward dial in North America can select from a wide range of mobile, geographic, national, and toll-free numbers.

In North America, Voiped Telecom offers Virtual numbers in the following countries:

Belize | Costa Rica | Dominican Republic | Canada | El Salvador | Guatemala | Mexico| Nicaragua | Puerto Rico | USA | Virgin Islands

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Enhanced local telephony services

Local Calling Line ID (CLID). Short prefix dialing. Emergency services access.
Plus, all the benefits of the Voiped Telecom hosted IP PBX solution.

Local geographic numbers

Geography-specific Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers for major city destinations.
Toll-free numbers are also available, where national coverage is required.

High call quality

Supported via the Voiped Telecom network of tier 1 global interconnection partnerships. International calls are geo-routed via the nearest in-region PoP.

Scale your business with a global customer base

  • No membership fee
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free API
  • Low Monthly Rates
  • Buy numbers for your VoIP service
  • Virtual Numbers in 12+ North American countries
  • Phone numbers from 1000s of cities worldwide
  • Regulatory management
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