Voiped Wholesale Initiates BGP Peering Community SpeedIX

Voiped Telecom

May 1, 2020 SpeedIX

Voiped Wholesale today announced its membership to the SpeedIX, a non-commercial peering community between data centers and IP network owners.

The SpeedIX promotes open peering between its Members as a non-profit initiative by offering a free 10G peering port and 1G QinQ transport VLAN. Members of the SpeedIX can use the network infrastructure to exchange data traffic and purchase additional IT services to each other, which invaluably contributes to the peering climate in the Netherlands.

"With coverage extending from Amsterdam city to the upper north and lower south regions of Amsterdam, Voiped Wholesale can keep traffic local and improve performance. By selecting the SpeedIX, Voiped Telecom and software-centric technology providers like Facebook Inc and Google LLC, are contributing to a better connected Europe," said Ferry Stienstra, CEO Voiped Telecom.

Voiped Telecom will continue to offer the widest possible connectivity infrastructure by providing easy on-demand peering between European cities.

About SpeedIX

The SpeedIX is a non-profit community-based connectivity platform with a mission to facilitate and promote peering between its members.

Built and maintained by well-known engineers from the Netherlands with a non-commercial interest, SpeedIX welcomes all other internet exchanges to the open peering initiative and embrace the IP networking climate.

To learn more, please visit www.speed-ix.net