SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Agile and centralized communications distributed through SIP Trunking

With PSTN phone lines being widely deregulated in many countries across Europe, Voiped Telecom guides companies through the process of migrating to SIP technology, whilst having the option to maintain PSTN technology.

Analog telephony allows commercial customers to continue receiving the same voice service from your existing local operator; however, instead of a physical cable, Voiped Telecom provides an IP connection also known as a "virtual" phone line.

With easy and efficient installation, a Sip trunk connects to your PBX through the Voiped Telecom network to extend VoIP beyond your business firewall.

This protocol provides businesses with a direct link to bypass the PSTN and access any VoIP channel, which is an immediately centralized and manageable method of distributing business communications for voice and data calls on any device.

Advantages of SIP Trunking

Global potential and mobility

SIP supports your organization's need for rapid growth both nationally and internationally. By combining Voice and data on a single network any company can consolidate geographic locations and your international remote workforce.

Unified communications

SIP Trunking is the gateway to Unified Communications as a Service (UCAAS), offering you a complete set of communication tools, such as video conferencing or fiber-optic Internet connectivity.

Consolidation of the network

Most companies still pay for voice and phone data separately, whilst still using a single service provider. SIP trunking enables your organization to migrate your voice and data to a neutral network, treating voice calls as a form of data transmission.


The scalability of SIP technology enables your organization to scale with maximum flexibility as you open new subsidiaries or establish full-time remote workers around the world.

Immediate ROI

SIP is a consolidated technology that does not require a large initial investment. Without large investments, companies that choose SIP trunking begin to see cost savings from day one.


While traditional phone lines can be affected by weather events and other circumstances, SIP trunks offer full redundancy, allowing you to continue your activities in the face of any disaster or event.