SIP Trunking and Direct Inward Dial Numbers

SIP trunking via Voiped Telecom allows your call to be routed via your businesses PBX directly to the line of a specific extension or person through mobile, landline or VoIP.

Enabling your virtual phone number (direct inward dial number) and SIP trunk connection is easy:

  • Your business will need a high-speed internet connection to carry voice and data, and an IP PBX that is SIP trunk enabled.
  • Your IP PBX then communicates with your SIP trunk and the call is routed to a specific extension.

Because the SIP trunk translates your DID call to an extension, any call received through DID or virtual means can be converted via your SIP trunk gateway. Voiped Telecom continually invests in its International Voice Network to better serve our customers, with increased call termination capacity, resilience, and scalability. In addition to our extensive services, we're excited to offer you:

  • Real-Time Fraud Detection.
  • Immediate access to Toll-Free, 1800, 0800 and geographic DID numbers.
  • Managed SIP trunks & VoIP Termination.
  • Extensive Tier 1 global channel partnerships.
  • Market leading fully customizable technology.
  • Fractional costs.

Voiped Telecom offers multiple global interconnects and a consistently robust network that makes us the ideal choice for your business telecoms. Contact your customers in a cost-effective way with our comprehensive business telecommunications solutions.

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