Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

business continuity in any environment

Voiped Telecoms SIP trunking facilitates business continuity and high-level resilience in any situation. If you need to keep your business operational during an emergency or disaster, or if you need to balance the influx of calls between sites during peak periods, SIP trunking facilitates it.

By having two PBX’s each with its own connection should in the event, one site should fail, your calls can automatically be routed to the second PBX.

For single site business, a remote PBX at a colocation center avoids the entire cost of a second PBX, or you may use your current ISDN line as a backup and Voiped Telecom provides support for either of these options.

For extra resilience, In the event that all of your SIP trunking services are unavailable, you can redirect your calls to a number of your choice with Voiped inbound service.

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