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Wholesale SIP Trunking | PBX

Voiped Telecom's easy to configure SIP trunks are less expensive to operate than ISDN, in addition to being less expensive to maintain and upgrade.

A SIP trunk enables you to extend VoIP beyond your business firewall and cross into the public telephone network (PSTN) which provides businesses a direct link to VoIP channels. With easy and efficient installation,  a Sip trunk connects with your PBX via Voiped Telecoms network and we provide access to the PTSN.

Access to the PTSN enables businesses an immediately centralized, and manageable way to distribute your business communications in a cost-effective way. Through virtual IP based trunk lines (SIP trunks), business users can make and receive calls to landline, mobile, and other Virtual numbers.

Universal SIP Trunking benefits for your business

In addition, SIP Trunks transit:

  • Instant messaging.
  • Multimedia conferencing.
  • Emergency calls.
  • Real-time communications services.
  • Immediate communications accessibility.