Is P2P Fiber right for your Enterprise?

p2p fiber

August 3, 2022 P2P Fiber

Companies today have many options when determining the potential for reliable and secure network connectivity. Wireless, 4G, MPLS, and fiber are just a few of the possible features that enterprises need to consider. If your organization is looking for guaranteed high bandwidth 24/7, a Point-to-Point (P2P fiber) connection is your best fit.

What is a Point-to-Point (P2P Fiber) Network?

A point-to-point fiber-optic network, also referred to as a P2P network, is a dedicated fiber link connecting two physical locations via a private, high-speed connection.

What are the benefits of a P2P Fiber Network?

Access to dedicated bandwidth translates into dramatically faster communications via your point-to-point connection.

Similarly, a dedicated Internet connection provides equal bandwidth whether you are uploading or downloading – which is especially important for telecommunications, where audio and video uploads can experience packet bottlenecks that cause stream quality compromises in non-P2P situations. Perhaps most importantly, because P2P technology supports efficient control over bandwidth per port, it provides the greatest possible flexibility and governance over the connection at your disposal.

Does my organization need a P2P Fiber connection?

A P2P fiber connection is available in a range of service levels and is most commonly used for high-bandwidth and low latency. Point-to-point connections also have minimal packet loss, which occurs when small units of data or “packets” never reach their destination.

Point-to-point fiber connections are valuable in a wide range of use cases.

  1. Connecting multiple buildings on a corporate campus.
  2. A need for high availability and security at remote workstations.
  3. Very high bandwidth-per-port requirements.
  4. Requirements for equal upload and download bandwidth.
  5. Specialized security concerns or compliance requirements.

Voiped Telecom's P2P Fiber Connection solution

If your enterprise depends on connecting to multiple locations on demand and with high speed, Voiped Telecom's P2P Fiber network connection offers best-in-class technology, combined with a robust and secure network, over an extremely fast, future-proof connectivity.