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Extensive DID services with fractional costs

  • Businesses see average savings of between 50% and 75% after switching to VoIP. 
  • Small businesses who move to VoIP can lower the cost of their local calls by up to 40 percent.
  • Today, 88% of all businesses believe that they deliver an  “excellent” customer experience by using VoIP.

Enabling wholesale DID (direct inward dial number) with your SIP Trunk connection is easy:

  • Your business will need a high-speed internet connection to carry voice and data, and an IP PBX that is SIP trunk enabled.
  • Your IP PBX then communicates with your SIP trunk and the call is routed to a specific extension.

Because the SIP trunk translates your DID call to an extension, any call received through DID or virtual means can be converted via your SIP trunk gateway.

Voiped Telecom continually invests in its International Voice Network to better serve our customers, with increased call termination capacity, resilience, and scalability.

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