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February 7, 2023 Internet Safety for Enterprises

According to the most recent Eurostat reports on Enterprise Internet safety in Europe, in 2022, more than one in five EU enterprises (22.2 %) experienced ICT-related security incidents leading to consequences such as unavailability of ICT services, destruction or corruption of data or disclosure of confidential data. In large enterprises in the EU, in 2021 more than two out of five enterprises (41.1 %) reported experiencing ICT security incidents with consequences. ICT usage in enterprises covers areas such as Internet access, use of websites, IoT, cloud computing, social media, and electronic data processing in enterprises. With an increasing demand for business Internet connectivity, a single cyber-attack could seriously damage your business and its reputation. At Voiped Telecom, we share 3 steps to help protect your business from cyber threats.

3 steps to help protect your organization from Cyber-threats

ICT Training for employees

Your employees can be the first and last line of defense against cyber threats that affect your companies Internet safety. It’s important for companies to ensure that their employees know about the types of Cyber threats that can affect an organization's Internet safety and the role they play in helping to your company safe. It can be useful to educate your employees on the following topics:

Maintaining good passwords and passphrases
How to identify and avoid cyber threats
What to do when they encounter a cyber threat
How to report a cyber threat

ICT company policies

A cyber security or Internet safety policy may help your employees to understand their responsibilities and what is acceptable when they use or share:

Computers and devices
Internet sites

ICT specialists

In 2022, 21.0 % of EU enterprises employed ICT specialists. The percentage of large enterprises employing ICT specialists (77.6 %) was more than 5 times higher than the ratio of small enterprises employing ICT specialists (15.1 %). Maintaining and supporting ICT safety at any level, no matter how complex, is essential to ensure smooth business operations. Whether your IT specialist requirement is supported by your internal IT infrastructure or for a fully managed outsourced ICT function, Voiped Telecom offers the exact package that meets your specific requirements.

Voiped Telecom

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Voiped Telecom is a European Internet service provider offering organizations in Europe a robust portfolio of Internet and connectivity solutions that support organizations, teams, and individuals to optimize ICT safety. With geographic coverage across Europe, Voiped Telecom provides diversity in business Internet connectivity and IP telephony solutions according to your company's specification requirements.