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Wholesale Internet Provider services Europe

Wholesale ISP

Wholesale Internet Access-Connectivity

Wholesale Internet provider Voiped Telecom offers a comprehensive wholesale carrier gateway to network traffic for unlimited high-performance dedicated Internet access.

With extensive experience delivering wholesale broadband, our portfolio of Internet connectivity products meets the needs of reliable Internet backbone solutions.

For a wide range of our partner program Internet access networking options and value-added services tailored to meet your needs, Voiped Telecom has you covered.

Tip: Are you a Large or Enterprise business looking for wholesale connectivity?

Whether you're a medium-sized business or multiple location enterprise, Voiped Telecom delivers high capacity, high-quality, highspeed Internet connectivity.

Wholesale Internet Provider services Europe

Point-to-Point Leased Lines

Line Rental.

Tip: Does your organization require high volume traffic between branch offices?

Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint leased lines delivers high-speed connectivity, and, is ideal for organizations that require high traffic volumes.

Voiped Telecom partners with multiple carriers that geographically complement each other, and that individually deliver resilient and diverse connectivity.

Tip: Whether your offices are in the same city, nationally, or throughout European locations, Voiped Telecom provides Private leased line connectivity, IP address, with flexible configurations.

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Wholesale Internet Provider services Europe


Fiber Broadband.

Tip: Are you looking for wholesale bandwidth?

We've partnered with market-leading carriers across Europe to offer FTTC Internet connectionsOffering superior business-class Internet service, Ethernet over Fiber connections deliver a high-speed Ethernet connection that utilizes a  fiber-optic network and advanced technology. 

Tip: Businesses with mission-critical applications primarily require dedicated Internet service and EoFTTC provides a dedicated and reliable connection, that’s backed up by service level agreement.

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Wholesale Internet Provider services Europe


Fiber to the Premises.

Tip: Are you a small business wanting to optimize your broadband connection?

With flexible installation and speed, superfast fiber optic, FTTP is a popular choice with businesses wanting to increase the speed of a basic broadband connection.

Fiber to the premises Internet connectivity is a direct pure fiber Internet connection that runs from the exchange to your premises.

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Wholesale Internet Provider services Europe

Wireless Broadband

European Countries.

Voiped Wholesale provides true flexibility in providing on-demand Internet access. Wholesale wireless broadband Internet offers extensive coverage across Europe.

With multiple wireless broadband solutions, Voiped Telecom provides tailored, scalable, and secure data connections across a wide broadband network.

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