Internet access in Europe

High-speed dedicated Internet access

Voiped Telecom is an Internet service provider offering businesses flexible and secure dedicated Internet access in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, and, Ukraine

Voiped Telecom's Internet services are characterized by providing high quality, high availability, and optimized security on the network. Our unique approach helps companies facilitate their performance and productivity through an industry-leading connection tailored to their needs.

In Europe, Voiped Telecom provides operators with dedicated Internet access for mission-critical business communications and applications. With extensive Europen coverage, Voiped Telecom peers with Europe's leading IXP and tier 1 networks to enable the lowest latency possible.

optical fiber


We have a wide range of fiber optic connectivity options. Adjust Internet connections to your needs. Quality bandwidth, and security with additional SLAs. Perfect solutions for small companies with 5 employees.

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dark fiber connectivity

Dark fiber connectivity

Also known as dedicated fiber, dark fiber connectivity is the perfect solution for businesses that need high bandwidth, low latency, and high availability. Exclusive fiber to connect your operations with the highest reliability.

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p2p direct fiber connetcion

P2P direct fiber connection

Internet lines that provide fast point-to-point (P2P) access for guaranteed bandwidth that is never shared or interrupted. Ideal for large companies that want to connect different locations in the Netherlands and Europe

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Combine 4G and fiber optic connectivity solutions for business

Enjoy hybrid Internet access for flexible connectivity with fiber-to-the-premises, dark fiber, or a 4G connection either separately, or combine them to suit your requirements.

Guaranteed SLA's by Voiped Telecom

All Internet connections installed by Voiped Telecom offer European, permanent monitoring, advanced network security, guaranteed SLA, and customized 24/7 support.