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ICT connectivity and Internet access solutions

Voiped Telecom provides vertical markets across the UK with a portfolio of  ICT and Connectivity solutions that are critical to maintaining high-level operational productivity and our unique approach helps companies identify their objectives and capacity for industry-leading performance at any time and in any location. Our connectivity portfolio includes:


Take advantage of the flexibility and reliability that wireless internet provides. Choose from a range of wireless internet packages from uncapped to capped, depending on the nature and size of your business.

Leased Line

Fiber leased lines offer Ethernet point-to-point (P2P) high-speed direct internet access for guaranteed bandwidth that is never shared or interrupted.


Suitable for all SMEs where internet access is crucial, EoFTTC offers private, dedicated 1:1 bandwidth with an inclusive SLA and 24/7 NOC support. 

FTTP, FTTC & G.fast

Secure, reliable, and cost-effective fiber broadband for continual access with additional service level guarantees


Revolutionize your internet experience with the latest in 4G high-speed wireless connectivity solutions.