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ICT solutions in the Retail Industry.

Intelligently driven Retail ICT.

To meet the demands of progressive operational models, the retail industry has entered the digital paradigm of ICT technology infrastructures such as cloud computing, Big Data, the IoT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The acceleration of digital transformation within the retail industry has elevated consumer experience and purchase efficiency with intelligent retail being applied across online and physical dimensions of commerce.

In order for businesses to compete and remain profitable in the retail industry, new ICT models need to be implemented to improve traditional retail operation efficiency.

The entire process of commodity production, supply chain, and chain store management is being shaped and maximized in areas such as:

  • Digital Transactions and e-commerce payment systems.
  • Automatic identification of devices.
  • Anti-theft commodity monitoring.
  • Marketing and customer service.

 At present, smart retail is largely implemented in sales scenarios though Voiped telecom recognizes that retailers can narrow the gap to help retailers to efficiently integrate unified management and maintenance of ICT operational systems.

Voiped Telecom ICT Retail solutions.

Voiped Telecom uses state-of-the-art ICT technology and cooperates with industry-leading partners to develop different smart retail solutions for different retail features and business scenarios.

Unified access solutions:

Voiped telecom provides chain stores with integrated access gateways that implement unified access of many services and devices, such as POS terminals, Office Automation (OA), wireless coverage, voice, surveillance, advertisement screens, and ESLs in physical stores. This can speed chain store openings and simplify network management.

Wireless shopping mall solutions:

Voiped telecom provides reliable wireless coverage for shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as many value-added services, such as store navigation, reverse vehicle lookup, and precision marketing. This can improve shopping experiences and operational efficiency.

MicroData center (MicroDC) solutions:

Voiped telecom provides MicroDCs for shopping centers and chain stores to integrate a variety of capabilities, such as routing, switching, security, computing, and storage. The solution pre-integrates many systems and software, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and OA software, to ensure the rapid rollout of retail services.

Cloud computing solutions:

Voiped telecom provides cloud solutions, such as the Retail Hybrid Cloud Solution, eCommerce Cloud Solution, Retail Store Unified Management Cloud Solution, Online Experience Cloud Solution, and Collaborative Office Cloud Solution, help retailers seize new opportunities and stimulate business innovation.