Hybrid VPN and multi-cloud connectivity

Hybrid VPN

Deliver a balanced combination of networking security, control and performance 

Voiped Telecom is increasingly deploying the future of hybrid networks consisting of MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) and Internet VPN.

Until recently, conventional VPN (virtual private network) connections were sufficient enough to give employees access to business applications at the company's data center. However, the increasing growth and mobility of data traffic, combined with the increasing variety of clouds and apps, are taking conventional networks to their limits. This requires the use of hybrid networks consisting of MPLS and Internet lines.

Data transmission options

Employees have a number of options at their disposal for accessing business applications. One professional method is to connect locations through MPLS VPN (also called MPLS IP VPN). In this approach, data traffic does not use the public Internet but instead works with an especially secure, high-performance IP network with guaranteed transmission quality. MPLS VPN solutions aren't just flexible and reliable but also feature numerous monitoring options.

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