3 considerations for selecting a Fiber Internet Provider for business

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February 28, 2023 Fiber Internet Provider

Fiber optic Internet access is often a preferred choice amongst organizations and a Fiber Internet provider can help businesses of all sizes to take things to the next level. The Fiber Internet provider that you select is an important factor for your business. ISPs use a range of technologies to enable business customers to connect to their networks. To assist your company in the essentials of what to observe when selecting a Fiber Internet provider for your business operation, European telecommunications operator Voiped Telecom shares 3 factors to consider.

Broadband vs Fibre Broadband | What's the Difference?

Standard Internet Broadband is typically delivered through a coaxial cable which is a type of copper cable used to transmit data via a telephone line. A copper Internet connection has a limited range of technical capabilities and offers less durability than a fiber internet connection. For example, copper cable Internet intercepts data much slower than a fiber optic connection and over a much shorter distance. A copper connection is also prone to latency, which is a measure of delay or the amount of time required to perform data transmission successfully. Fiber offers much lower latency than copper and can also transmit a higher volume of data. Having enough bandwidth is critical to modern business operations and If your data connection lacks bandwidth, you may struggle to use cloud applications or communicate with clients through voice-over-IP phones, web conferencing, or other forms of Unified Communications. This is not a challenge shared by fiber broadband, whose range is technically unlimited. The fastest widely available fiber options are many times faster than the standard broadband speeds, with ultrafast, gigabit speeds now offering up to 1000Mbps.

Shared Fiber vs Dedicated Fiber

A Fiber Internet provider will typically offer a selection of fiber connectivity options that after an assessment of your requirements can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Shared Internet Access
Shared Internet access suggests that more than one business will share teh same Internet connection. Essentially, the single fiber connection from the data node is split when it comes into the building. Shared fiber typically is spread across other buildings many miles away using point-to-point radio frequency. A smaller business that relies on its Internet connection for services such as email, limited streaming, and web browsing may benefit from a shared fiber connection. For high-use businesses using the shared connection, it can potentially cause a poor experience, for these reasons, some businesses prefer to have a dedicated connection.

Dedicated Connection
Dedicated Internet Access is a private connection that isn’t shared with other customers, companies, or neighboring residents. Ideal for enterprise businesses looking to simultaneously connect multiple locations, this fiber service has symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 100 Gbps. Adding a dedicated connection to your fiber Internet plan allows your business to bypass Internet traffic, reduce network congestion and avoid unexpected downtime. With a dedicated line, your organization can scale speeds and bandwidth to support mission-critical applications and core business functions – a crucial solution for companies with complex needs or multiple locations. Additionally, enterprise-grade SLAs guarantee 24/7 professional support, offering you peace of mind.

What is the cost of Fiber Internet access for a business?

The value fiber Internet delivers has long offset the cost. Midsize and enterprise-level businesses with higher bandwidth, security, and reliability demands will increase their return on investment in the form of both short and long-term gains. While specific fiber Internet costs will depend on your location, plan, and Fiber Internet provider, its customization and robust advantages make it a cost-effective investment for any large or growing business.

Voiped Telecom

For businesses in need of an Internet connection that can meet demands with fast speeds and reliable service, fiber is the best choice. Keep your employees connected, optimize productivity, and receive fast speeds over long distances with Voiped Telecom's fiber Internet solutions.