How to buy a Business Phone Number Without a Business Phone

business phone number

June 2, 2021 Business phone number

If you already have a mobile number to make calls, you don't need another device for business, you need a business number to work on your phone. Business phone numbers can be used to make and receive workplace calls onsite or remotely and include VoIP, mobile, toll-free, and vanity numbers.

Types of business phone numbers

For business operators who wish to implement one or more new business phone numbers, Local phone numbers are arranged through telephone service providers. The number will start with your local area code with calls made directly to your place of business.

Vanity numbers may be available through your provider. Vanity numbers are pre-selected digits that make your phone number easy to recall.

Toll-free numbers

Toll-free business numbers typically start with the (800) area code. These numbers allow clients to call you without having to pay any phone charges. Vanity numbers are also available for toll-free lines.

Mobile phone numbers

Mobile phone business numbers are assigned to a mobile device. A business call can be made directly to the mobile phone number or you can forward your local business calls directly to your mobile number.

Virtual phone number

A Virtual phone number is like a standard telephone number though it's not tied to a physical device or SIM or eSIM.

If you are operating a business or do not want to buy another device or SIM, you can opt-in for a virtual phone number. You can also opt to use toll-free virtual numbers.

When do you need a virtual business phone number?

If you need to connect internationally or need to use local numbers for your business worldwide, then a virtual business phone number makes sense.

How to get a virtual phone number?

There are many services that offer virtual phone numbers, and while they differ in terms of features and pricing, Voiped Telecom offers virtual phone numbers that a business or an individual can use.