How is SD Wan used by Companies?

sd wan architecture

November 8, 2022 Software Defined Network

If your organization has multiple branch offices, pop-up locations, or a remote workforce, SD-WAN provides the ability to connect remote networks.
SD-Wan is a network architecture that is software-defined for a wide area network. This means that SD-wan is not fixed to a single location but instead, it geographically unifies IT network management processes.

For example, if your business headquarters is located in Germany, and you have retail stores across Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Greece - and perhaps a few satellite offices in other European locations, SD-Wan provides cloud-based centralization for many different types of connectivity and applications.

Is SD-Wan an Internet Connection?

Whilst SD-Wan is not an Internet connection, SD-Wan leverages different types of connectivity. For example, an SD-wan solution offers the feature of enabing Internet traffic via Wireless 4G , 5G, DSL, Fiber Interent, Cable, and satellite to be efficiently routed through another network, without any downtime.

What are the advantages of SD-wan Vs MPLS?

MPLS is the traditional networking protocol that enterprises have and often still use to move packets of data to a location.

Software Defined Vs Physical Configuration

Unlike SD-Wan, MPLS is not software defined and this means that Organizations need to physically install MPLS circuits in each geographic location where there is a need for data to be exchanged.

For example, if a company headquartered in Budapest, has satellite branch offices located in Vienna, Prague, and Berlin, unifying IT networking through an MPLS connection would require physical configuration.

Through the evolution of SD-Wan networking, today's cloud-based operations require cloud-based networking. Even if a company has a traditional MPLS connection, SD-Wan can be deployed over an existing MPLS network.

Cloud adoption agility

Many enterprises today have digitally evolved to the cloud and because SD-Wan is software-defined, it enables businesses to increase their competitive advantage by prioritizing traffic vis the best-performing path which is beneficial to SaaS and cloud-based applications, business productivity, and overall user experience.

Connectivity Reliability

An SD-wan architecture optimizes multiple network connections whilst also providing end-to-end encryption. Not only is SD-wan reliable, but it also provides a higher-quality connection.

What company size is SD Wan practical for?

For companies with more than one branch location, temporary locations, a remote workforce, partners, or stakeholders in other geographic locations, SD-Wan is a beneficial network solution.

Voiped Telecom

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