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European Internet connectivity

Continually driven network connectivity exactly where you need it.

Today’s business requires a new breed of a network that eliminates manual programming at the device level and embraces network connectivity and automation to adapt to the varying needs of disruptive change. Having the capacity to securely connect businesses, enterprises, & their partners, that are geographically situated in fiercely diverse locations, is a digital communications prerequisite of business productivity.

To resolve the challenges of unpredictable environments our unique approach helps companies facilitate optimum performance and productivity through industry-leading connectivity that provides connections at any time and at any location.

Enterprise  business

Fiber leased lines offer Ethernet point-to-point (P2P) high-speed direct internet access for guaranteed bandwidth that is never shared or interrupted.

Fiber leased lines

Medium-sized companies

EoFTTC is suitable for all SMEs where internet access is crucial, it offers superfast broadband with constant bandwidth and non-competitive lines in addition to guaranteed SLAs.


Small companies

Combine FTTC, FTTP or G.fast for reliable and secure broadband with additional SLA guarantees. Suitable for small businesses with around 5 employees.

FTTP, FTTC & G.fast