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Ethernet Over Copper for Business Internet

Ethernet over Copper cabling is an innovative way of delivering voice and data on a single connection


Ethernet Over Copper (EoC) is an innovative way of delivering broadband Internet access to your business that uses your existing copper infrastructure.

Ethernet is a local area network (LAN) used to connect computers near one another via an Ethernet cable.

When using an Ethernet network, the network's router also acts as the bridge to the Internet.

The router connects to the modem, which carries the Internet signal, sending and receiving data requests and routing them to the individual computers on the network.

Who can benefit from Ethernet?

  • Small corporates
  • Online retailers
  • Agencies and consultancies
  • Pop up retailers
  • Remote operations – i.e home based businesses
Voiped Telecom offer DSL Internet to businesses in Europe as a cost effective solution for internet and reliability of service


Voiped Telecom offers DSL internet as a cost-effective solution to enable internet reach and reliability of service.

As more businesses extend operations to smaller or remote locations, the need for high-speed reliable internet is vital to the continuance of business functioning.

How DSL works

A DSL (digital subscriber line) Internet Connection is an effective communication tool for connecting home and office employees and has the advantage of high speed and high security.

  • DSL uses the existing wire copper telephone line connected to the premises and does not obstruct the phone line.
  • Data is generated by your computer (i.e a click request on a web page) and then flows through your Ethernet cable upon which it is received by the DSL modem.
  • From the DSL modem, the connection continues through a phone cable and through a wall jack.
  • From here, the connection travels to the MPOE outside (an exterior phone box), and on to the central hub in your geographical area, which then connects to the ISP’s network.

Advantages of Voiped of DSL

Open Phone Lines

DSL is always "on" and won't tie up your phone line like dial-up internet does, so your business can continue to use the internet and telephone simultaneously, an important function for your business operation.

No Additional Wiring

A DSL connection uses your existing copper wire phone line so you will not incur the cost of an expensive upgrade to your current phone system.

DSL also uses additional lines from your existing phone channel and because of this, there is not the need to have another line installed.


DSL offers greater security than cable because you are on a private segment with your ISP router which is the only other system in the segment.

Who can benefit from DSL?

  • Small corporates
  • Online retailers
  • Agencies and consultancies
  • Pop up shops
  • Remote operations, i.e home based businesses

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