Do I need session border controller for VoIP?

session border controller

April14, 2021 Session Border Controller

Whether finance, healthcare, education, retail, or government agencies, Voiped Telecom finds that our clients across each industry typically seek the same thing when it comes to implementing secure, reliable, and simple, Unified Communications solutions.

If you're a business operator that is researching how to create a secure and simple Unified Communications network, you're in the right place. The key factor is, it all starts with session border controllers, also known ad SBCs.

What is session border control?

Delivering a robust and reliable marker point for voice access and interconnect is critical for securing your communications infrastructure.

A Session Border Controller (SBC) is a network device that secures VoIP (voice-over IP) infrastructures. SBCs also provide interoperability and compatibility between different signaling messages and media flow sessions from end devices, or application servers.

Enterprise infrastructures, commercial carrier networks, a business, a fixed-line, or a mobile VoIP service will typically use a Session Border Controller. SBCs are usually deployed at both the network edge and at carrier interconnects, the marker points (borders) between their users and other service providers.

In particular, Telecom Operators and Enterprises who are looking to deliver operator level or Direct Routing services require an SBC.

"SBCs help enterprises deploy Unified Communications quickly, easily, and securely."

-Voiped Telecom

Why do I need Session Border Control?

Securing network connectivity can be a challenge to achieve. For example, Service providers may be challenged to securely connect and deliver services to other enterprises, operators. or end-users whilst using a diverse range of SIP implementations.

SBCs are specifically designed to help enterprises deploy Unified Communication efficiently and securely. For example, as your enterprise communication strategy transitions from a legacy architecture to a new, Internet Protocol (IP)-based Unified communications network, it's likely you'll encounter new and different requirements for security, call routing, interworking, and network management.

Whilst many existing network solutions encompass secure next-generation elements such as firewall, they do not provide the capacity of security that session border controllers offer and that Unified Communications networks demand.

For any operator or enterprise needing to quickly, safely, and efficiently transition to IP-based communications without exposing their network to security or quality issues, SBC enables the safe transition to a VoIP-centric platform.

Perimeta SBC

As part of Voiped Telecoms software-centric voice provisioning services, architected for distributed signaling and media, Perimeta SBC not only enables VoIP to get through firewalls, but, a Metaswitch product that effectively secures access to any media session, including video, and allows for analyzing how signaling is being routed when calls are set up.

By selecting Voiped Telecom, Voice service providers across Europe are realizing the operational and security benefits of becoming cloud-based and software-centric.