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Dedicated Internet Access. Dedicated Line Internet Connectivity with guaranteed speed and reliability.

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Optimize business productivity with Dedicated Internet Access solutions

Transform your business when you enable Dedicated Internet Access. Businesses in a broad range of markets and industries can improve workflows and productivity with Dedicated Internet Access.

At Voiped Telecom, we are proud to deliver our business clients in Western Europe, Dedicated Internet Access solutions. Dedicated Internet Access or "DIA" is also known by terms such as:

  • Dedicated Fiber Internet
  • Dedicated Ethernet
  • Ethernet over Fiber

Dedicated Internet installation options can vary according to a dedicated fixed wireless, or copper Internet connection, typically determined by price and complexity. Today, companies in Western Europe tend to opt for a Dedicated Internet Connection in business environments that serve mission-critical operations. For any business wanting to thrive in the new digital age, a Dedicated Internet Line is key.

Who needs a Dedicated Internet Connection?

  • A large number of employees who use the Internet.
  • Business activities which include a high volume of uploading and downloading.
  • High-definition applications.
  • Large operations that rely on VoIP communications.
  • Datacenters.
  • Cloud-hosted applications.

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What types of Dedicated Internet Access are there?

With Voiped Telecom's flexible Dedicated Internet Access, fiber to the premises (FTTP) and (FTTx) makes the transferring of data, to and from the Internet exchange, superfast compared to standard broadband, no matter how far you are from the exchange.

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Also known as dedicated fiber, dark fiber connectivity is the perfect solution for businesses that need high bandwidth, low latency, and high availability. Exclusive fiber to connect your operations with the highest reliability.

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Internet lines that provide fast point-to-point (P2P) access for guaranteed bandwidth that is never shared or interrupted. Using P2P is ideal to connect buildings in a campus environment or if you require high network availability and a secure connection to an external site.

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What are the advantages of Dedicated Internet Access?

  • Symmetric Upload and Download speeds

If your company purchases a 100Mbps Dedicated Internet Access circuit, both your download and upload speed are always guaranteed at 100Mbps. Fast upload speed is important if your company has, for example, high volume remote users, cloud applications, or VoIP.

  • Mission Critical Internet Connectivity

With Voiped Telecoms Dedicated Internet Access solution, businesses in Western Europe are able to receive a Dedicated Internet Line and consistent bandwidth. At Voiped Telecom, our network engineers proactively monitor network performance 24/7 to guarantee high Internet availability, low latency, and symmetric upload and download speeds.

  • Reliable Network Connectivity

Voiped Telecom is able to deliver a private and stable connection that delivers symmetrical upstream and downstream traffic for enterprises. Specifically designed for the number of employees, traffic, and data usage, we offer a scalable, future-proof solution with high-throughput bandwidths.

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