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Dedicated Internet Access Italy

Dedicated Internet Access in Italy. Always On Business Internet Solutions.

High performance (DIA) Dedicated Internet Connectivity.

Dedicated Internet Access in Italy

Dedicated Internet Access for Business in Italy

Voiped Telecom provides flexible and secure Dedicated Internet access in Italy (Soluzioni dedicate per l'accesso a Internet) characterized by high quality, high availability, and optimized security. Our unique approach helps companies in Italy to facilitate high performance and productivity through industry-leading Internet access, tailored to your operational needs.

Voiped Telecom's business customers, in Italy, are offered a huge range of Internet access options, with clear advice on the best technology for your needs.

For Dedicated Internet solutions, Voiped Telecom offers an extensive choice of options for your business Internet network. Voiped Telecom delivers Internet access across Italy's major cities such as:

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Naples
  • Turin
  • Palermo
  • Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari and Catania

With a highly skilled and collaborative team of over 50 engineers, field technicians, and service consultants that speak more than 25 native languages, Voiped Telecom embraces business customers with multiple branches across different countries which require various Internet access types and bandwidth requirements. Voiped Telecom delivers a selection of last-mile options, including fiber, dedicated Internet access, and network connectivity.

Dedicated Internet Coverage in Italy

ICT is a mature sector in Italy, where prestigious telecommunications operators such as Vodafone and BT. In Italy, Voiped Telecom provides flexible and secure Dedicated Internet Access characterized by high quality, high availability, and optimized security.

With an ever-growing demand for increased Business Internet performance in Italy, Voiped Telecom's Symmetric Dedicated Internet Access solutions provide Always On Dedicated Internet Line Access for your business.

Dedicated Internet Line, Symmetric Internet Access Solutions in Italy


Enabling even faster download speeds compared to FTTC and FTTB, FTTH by Voiped Telecom runs fiber optic cable directly into your office or home building. Faster than ever, enjoy symmetric high-speed downloads and uploads. Available at locations in Italy.

Contact us to check the availability of FTTH in your location.

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P2P Connectivity

Voiped Telecom provides dedicated point-to-point (P2P) fiber optic connectivity for companies in Italy that require direct connections between external servers and local workstations. P2P is ideal if you need to connect different buildings in a campus environment or if you require high network availability and a secure connection to an external site.

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4G WIFI Mobility

Multi-cloud is a mix of private and public clouds, and each cloud serves a specific business application. For advanced 4G wireless connections that can be complemented by SD-wan to connect branch offices and data centers in different geographical locations, Voiped Telecom's flexible wireless technology portfolio offers fully hybrid 4G solutions.

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Voiped Telecom provides a range of business Internet solutions in Italy which guarantee a high speed, dedicated Internet Connection. Voiped Telecoms high speed Internet solutions in Italy include: Dedicated fiber, Dedicated ethernet, ethernet over fiber, - whether fixed wireless, or copper, most companies in Italy will opt for a dedicated Internet connection for mission-critical operations.