Dark Fiber Connectivity

dark fiber connectivity

What is dark fiber connectivity?

The term “dark fiber” refers to the unused optical fiber ready to use for fiber-optic communication. 

Dark fibers are extremely efficient and can transmit multi-data streams on multiple light wavelengths through a single fiber.

Voiped Telecom provides 100% dedicated optical fiber network connectivity for a fully private,  low latency connection with the possibility of configuring apps, firewalls, or point-to-point encryption.

Furthermore, if your organization has several offices across Europe, Voiped Telecom provides the option to connect with them directly through - Peering for total data and operations security.

Is your company ready for dark fiber connectivity?

If you manage your companies IT network operations, you may have considered whether switching from a commercial Internet services provider (ISP) to a dark fiber network could improve performance and lower costs. Or maybe you’ve heard of dark fiber networks but aren’t clear on the value this may add or whether it's the best alternative to your current Internet access solution.

Has your bandwidth surpassed 1Gbps and likely to continue to do so?

If your business bandwidth requirements regularly exceed 1 Gbps, dark fiber costs become competitive when compared to your traditional ISP. Because dark fiber offers a fixed cost with virtually unlimited capacity, dark fiber is worth considering as an excellent data cost-management option.

Are you planning to significantly scale your business?

If you're an expanding organization that will require agile network connectivity or if you are expanding an existing IT network between geographic locations, dark fiber is an excellent option.

Depending on your specific business requirements you may consider leasing a single wavelength rather than a whole fiber.

Do you require highly secure network connectivity with extremely low latency?

Dark fiber networks offer all of the above. Dark fiber networks are an excellent option for companies requiring improved data security with private dedicated fiber-optic lease connections for high security and enhanced performance.