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Virtualized Network Services

Software-Defined Networking

Virtualized Network Function

Voiped Telecom transform your network operations with IT virtualization technology to consolidate legacy system types and provide a custom approach to network management, automation, and network orchestration.

Tip: Are you already using an MPLS Network Infrastructure, Broadband, or LTE? 

Then advanced SD-WAN technology is the ideal addition to intelligently direct traffic across the WAN.

We are equipped with the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP), IPV6 and IPV4 communications protocols.

Virtualized Network Services

MPLS SD-WAN As a Service

Also known as Multi-Protocol Label Switching, MPLS VPN, MPLS WAN, MPLS Circuit, MPLS Network, or MPLS Connection.

Tip: MPLS Service utilizes SD-Wan technology to simplify processes, and frees up IT resources, to focus on productivity in other areas, this is also known as MPLS SD-WAN as a service.

Voiped Telecom offers MPLS networks that are used by our customers to provide reliable, secure, WAN connectivity, and as a consolidator for traditional data networks, such as frame relay, and, point to point connections.

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Virtualized Network Services


Tip: Multiple business locations or remote workers?

For enterprises wanting to connect any point to point location, VPLS is a flexible way to communicate faster and more securely between sites. 

Voiped Telecom provides VPLS Ethernet-based point-to-multipoint virtual private network (VPN) that connects multiple geographically dispersed local area network (LAN) sites, which functionally makes them all appear to be in the same LAN.

With diverse levels of Service and the added value of Managed Services, Voiped Telecom is well-equipped to accommodate your communications needs.

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Virtualized Network Services


Propel mobility by leveraging any combination of enterprise networks including LTE, MPLS, broadband services, branch office, and data center networks.

SD-WAN provides full-stack, high performance, secure hybrid traffic steering,  reduces IT costs and increases productivity.

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