Voiped Telecoms Business Management Team

Voiped Telecoms business management team was founded in 2009 in the Netherlands. During 2010 Voiped Telecom launched the reselling of wholesale VoIP products and quickly became popular within the European business telecoms market. It is with great dedication, focus, and expertise that our telecoms management team is now able to offer further telecoms and business internet solutions to our European and UK clients.

Lennart Paas, CEO

Lennart Paas has extensive experience in leading businesses within the services market and is a fundamental founding partner of Voiped Telecoms success as well as being the primary CEO and owner of Voiped Telecom.

Ferry Stienstra, Co-Founder

Ferry Stienstra is the principal group director and has been integral in driving Voiped Telecom to its breakthrough within Europe. With extensive Telecoms and ICT startup experience, Ferry has contributed to crafting Voiped Telecoms services primary point of presence in the Netherlands and Spain, and now facilitating the European business telecoms market.

Cristina Elisei, Country Manager, Spain

Cristina brings a wealth of telecoms expertise to Voiped Telecom and directs national and international telecoms network channels. Cristina is the primary point of contact for our country operations in Spain.