What's the difference between DIA Internet and Broadband

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Commonly, IT teams fall short when considering how well connected an Internet service provider is to the rest of the Internet. Selecting the best Internet service provider for your business needs is crucial, particularly when seeking international Internet connectivity.

When evaluating Internet Connectivity solutions, to better consider how to select last-mile Internet access, it’s important to know exactly what you stand to gain.

Shared Internet Vs DIA Internet (Dedicated Internet) for Business

To maintain business performance and business continuity, having a reliable Internet service is essential. Most businesses rely on a fast Internet connection for accessing cloud applications, conferencing, IP Telephony, VPN, file sharing, email, and more. Commonly, Internet service providers offer shared Internet access and dedicated Internet access, however, there are key differences between each type of connection.

Whether you're an expanding business enterprise or scaling a small business, the type of Internet connection you select will be important depending on your goals, budget, and uptime requirements. Being well informed can be helpful before ordering your Internet connection.

What is a Shared Internet service?

A Broadband Internet connection refers to a shared network. A shared broadband Internet connection provides bandwidth up to a specific level, and bandwidth is shared among all users and devices.

For example, if a business subscribes to a 100 Mbps shared Internet connection, it will receive 100 Mbps of bandwidth though, at periods of peak traffic when other subscribers are also using the connection, you will likely receive far less bandwidth.

Commonly, a shared Internet connection is used by residential ADSL subscribers, mobile data users, and small business operators, however, in an increasingly connected world, smaller organizations are seeking reliable Internet access in order to maintain business productivity.

Today, many companies are adopting vital cloud-based services such as VoIP phone systems, cloud applications, video conferencing, video streaming apps, and remote desktops which increasingly rely on bandwidth-intensive applications which are critical business operations.

The more dependent a business becomes on cloud-based services, the more Internet reliance a business operation will need.

"As more and more business operators move to Cloud Services, the more the demand for a reliable and robust Internet Connection increases"

What is a Dedicated Internet Service ?

DIA Internet or Dedicated Internet Access refers to Internet bandwidth that has a private Internet connection between the Internet service provider and the user.

Unlike Shared Internet Access, with Dedicated Internet access, the amount of bandwidth a business receives is guaranteed by the Internet service provider through a service level agreement. Because Dedicated Internet access is guaranteed, a business has reliable and streamlined data connectivity and capacity at any time, in other words, the Internet is always on and always running at consistent upload and downloads speeds.

Today, Dedicated Internet Access is commonly delivered over a dedicated fiber connection (EOF), though DIA can also be delivered over Fast Ethernet, Ethernet over Copper (EOC) Gigabit Ethernet, and Metro Ethernet. Each type of connection is priced according to the level of bandwidth speed and the length of the service provision.

Evaluate your Business Internet Access requirements

There are several factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate Internet service for your business operations.

If you have a low budget for IT infrastructure and expertise, and your organization is small, shared Internet will probably be a more cost-effective choice for you. Certainly, a shared Internet connection has traffic and speed limitations that may at times affect the performance of your organization.

If your business has a remote workforce and you use a variety of communications services on a daily basis such as cloud service, audio and video conferencing, or VoIP phone systems to communicate with your employees and customers, dedicated Internet service will be a good selection for you.

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