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About Voiped Telecom

Our background

Operating under its own public autonomous system number (ASN), Voiped Telecom is a privately held national telecommunications and Internet services provider established in the Netherlands in 2009.

Developed for companies that require wholesale business connectivity solutions, Voiped Telecom partners with leading voice and data providers to offer innovative and agile information communications technology.


Voiped Telecoms' network operations are in the Dutch and European telecommunication and Internet connectivity market.

With official registrations in Belgium, German, Spain, and France, Voiped Telecom is a 100% vendor-neutral source for leading service providers, SMBs, Enterprise, and carrier customers across Europe.

Our mission

We believe that success comes from never being stagnant and we strive to provide limitless solutions to connectivity by offering innovative methods to optimize your business operation.

About Voiped Telecom