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Advantages of Geographic Virtual numbers for business

Track Marketing efforts

Allocating virtual numbers to your different marketing campaigns allows you to see exactly how each campaign is performing.

Businesses receiving inbound leads (calls) from virtual numbers not only increase their source of lead generation, many organisations find that they also have a more successful conversion rate than leads received via their website.

Attract local customers

Using a local number is highly attractive to your customers because it provides them with a familiarity and a view that your business is local.

Callers also prefer toll-free or local numbers against the costs of long distance calls.

Immediacy of access

Voiped Telecoms web portal allows you to action rapid changes and it only takes a few minutes to add a new geographic local number.

Your control of the system also enables you to have the option to change the number you’re forwarding to, or adjust calling features, such as peak time call routing.

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