5 Business benefits of a wireless infrastructure and networking

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5 Benefits of a wireless network

May 12, 2021 Wireless

Today, more and more businesses are switching to wireless networking solutions because of the benefits they offer.

If your organization is preparing to make the switch from legacy to wireless networking, it’s important to work with an IT solutions provider that can map out all of yourr available solutions before taking the leap. Read on to learn about the benefits of wireless networking and an overview of available solutions from Voiped Telecom.

1. Ease of Installation

Easy to install compared to wired networks, wireless networks don’t require cabling and this provides a highly robust network option, particularly in a rental building that doesn’t have cabling laid out.

The ease of installation is also reflected in the time taken to set up a wireless network. A reliable wireless provider such as Voiped Telecom can help you set up a wireless network in a day. Likewise, the time taken to set up a wired network depends on existing cables and can take several days to lay new cables.

In addition, wireless networks eliminate potential cabling issues and the cost to replace or upgrade network cables in the future. Wireless networks also have flexible upgrade options. For example, if you want to support a higher bandwidth usage or more devices, the advantage of a wireless network means that you just need to install more wireless LANs.

2. Flexibility

With wireless networks, rather than employees having to sit at a dedicated computer or workspace in order to network, wireless networks enable your employees to work from anywhere as long as they can access your network. This is particularly suitable for organizations that use network resources such as server files, documents, emails, and other business resources. To reduce security risk, digitally transforming organizations are now utilizing wireless networks with virtual computers or VPNs as it provides employees a secure but flexible way to access the network.

3. Remote network management

Upgrading to a wireless network means benefiting from tools such as remote management, load management, server, and network management. These solutions help to reduce maintenance time and problems because your wireless network provider can remotely manage and reconfigure server loads and your wireless network to meet usage and peak load. Wireless networking tools also help to minimize the time your IT team invests in maintaining your networks.

4. Increased efficiency

Ensuring employees always have access to the network implies they can share updates and files in real-time, which helps to improve efficiency. Wireless networks also enhance efficiency in businesses that don’t necessarily involve files. For example, a wireless network enables remote business operations.

5. Multiple device capacity

Whether you are using a phone, laptop, or tablet, your wireless network is a click away. This makes it easy for clients, partners, as well as employees who may need to accomplish various tasks throughout the day, the flexibility and capacity to do so.

Wireless networks are affordable, enhance efficiency and flexibility, Contact Voiped Telecom to make the switch to enjoy these benefits.