3 ways Enterprises can leverage Voice and Data for increased Operational Performance

voice and data

February 1, 2022 Voice and Data

There's no better way to communicate and innovate your organization than to offer quality Voice and Data solutions to enable your team to easily stay connected while delivering rich collaborative experiences.

Your voice and data systems need to keep pace with the changes in both the business and technology worlds. Whilst Voice and data technology solutions phase out traditional business communications systems, the number of communication channels and the complexity of those interactions are distinct and completely independent. Because both voice and data services utilize different protocols and technologies, they cannot serve as backups for one another, nor can they provide any additional benefit to one another.

Collaborative Voice and Data Solutions

By combining data, voice, and video channels into a unified infrastructure, any organization can quickly and seamlessly collaborate. A Unified Communications solution enables your IT team to deploy multiple communications channels, at any branch or campus location through a single, scalable channel.

In this article, you’ll learn more about how Voiped Telecoms IP Telephony, SD-Wan, and Wifi Mobility work collaboratively to improve network speed, security, and efficiency.

"Voice and data are a must for any business, whether you just need a phone at your desk or want a dynamic office".

IP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over an Internet connection (IP network) instead of an analog phone line.

Thanks to VoIP, you can eliminate all of the complexity of a traditional phone system. With attractive per-call pricing, in many instances, businesses choose VoIP because they can make and receive local and long-distance calls for free within their country.

If mobility is a key feature of your business, VoIP empowers productivity by enabling your team to become fully collaborative anywhere, anytime.

Known as a SIP Trunking solution, SIP supports your organization's need for rapid growth both nationally and internationally. By combining Voice and Data on a single network any company can consolidate geographic locations and your international remote workforce.

As long as you have an Internet connection, your team can use external devices as office extensions to make and receive business calls. Through the gateway to Unified Communications as a Service (UCAAS), customers receive a complete set of communication tools, such as video conferencing or fiber-optic Internet connectivity.

With Voiped Telecoms IP Telephony solutions, guaranteed security and privacy and enable your remote employees to access your communication solution through a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) and connect to the office, just as if they were sitting at their desks at your company headquarters.


The competitive nature of today's business demands a few common requirements when it comes to connecting multiple offices. Scalability, security, reliability, and affordability are performance capabilities that are essential to many of today's enterprises.

Whilst VPN has proven to be a popular solution for site-to-site connectivity for companies in Europe, VPN requires onsite IT staff to manage local firewalls which are not always practical, and in other instances, teams are so small or mobile that a physical appliance is too excessive.

The demand for reliability is why many enterprises have looked to MPLS to connect multiple offices in the past. However, the challenge is that MPLS often isn’t agile or fast enough for deployments that require rapid onboarding.

Voiped Telecoms Cloud-native SD-WAN can solve all these problems elegantly. With Voiped Telecom, the complexity of VPN and lengthy MPLS provisioning times are a thing of the past.

SD-WAN is the next-generation solution to route traffic safely and intelligently through a WAN network. Optimize the functionality of remote services through MPLS and broadband Internet services.

SD-WAN combines advanced options with optimum ease of use, with a simple remote configuration that enables implementing and managing branch networks via a simple connection.

Is your business IT infrastructure already using an MPLS network infrastructure? MPLS is the ideal addition to SD-WAN technology. Backed by a customized Service Level Agreement (SLA) for optimum uptime and performance, Voiped Telecom supports business continuity.

WiFi Mobility

Has your enterprise harnessed the potential of Mobility and WiFi solutions? With the rapid expansion of mobile devices and the exponential growth of IoT, WiFi Mobility has become a must-have for today's modern business. A growing trend across Europe is the adoption of multi-cloud in business networks. Multi-cloud leverages both private and public clouds, and each cloud serves a specific business application.

WiFi mobility enables your employees the ability to switch from one access point (AP) to another while still maintaining an active network connection. Create a seamless and secure experience for your employees and customers with Voiped Telecoms hybrid WiFi solutions that include industry-leading access points connected via the cloud or as a private on-site network.

With Voiped Telecoms Voice and Data technology solutions, your business operation can benefit from high scalability, robust portability, and remote work management. Because Voice and Data networks don't require extra hardware, you'll benefit from having a single supplier providing end-to-end Voice and Data services.

With Voiped Telecom your ICT network is in professional hands. Guaranteed to deliver high capacity connectivity and maximum productivity with security throughout your network, Voiped Telecom provides hybrid Voice and Data solutions to small, medium, and large companies throughout Europe.